Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Room: Beautiful Decorations

Today I'm feeling a bit like the little energizer bunny! God's blessed me with a healthy family today, and I thank Him so much for that!  We were able to make sugar cookies together, and I even got the chance to make some of party mix from my Grammy's recipe.  So good!  :)
I put the little ones down for their nap around 2 pm, and I just now realized I've forgotten to eat lunch myself! ;)  (lol random)  Anyways. after finally getting them to sleep I went into my bedroom and just felt SO excited to read my devotions, and to have that "me and God time"!  Because sadly I haven't been very good at keeping up with that daily, it's more like a once a week thing for me anymore, and I've learned to hate it!  I've had this desire and crave to get closer to the Lord recently, and I absolutely LOVE it!   Before I could pick up my devotion book though, I looked up on the chest in my room, and saw precious baby Lina's picture in her "LOVE" frame I bought her.  It reminded me that I need to pray more often for her, then I thought about all the other precious little ones I am a prayer warrior for, I ran down the stairs and grabbed a small paper package of photo's I had printed out months ago. I managed to find some tape then I ran back up to my room and began working on a beautiful creation.  It now hangs right over my head whenever I lay down in my bed, or like now, I can glance at it and smile.

Here it is..

My had made collage of photo's of just a couple of babies that have completely stolen my heart! I do my best at praying daily for them.  I pray that God will protect them and take care of them while He helps me find their forever families that I KNOW are out there some where!  And I pray they will find their babies and listen to God's calling to them.  <3 <3 <3 

This photo is probably familiar looking to any of my steady followers.  These four top photo's where in my last header, the photo's mean "I HEART LINA" and that couldn't be more true!  I LOVE her sooo much!  It's hard to really even put it into words, I really can't describe my love her for this precious little baby doll orphan. <3   She's my main mission, she's the center of it all!  I've got a facebook prayer page for her and everything. Go HERE to "LIKE" her page and get more recent updates and help spread her name ALL around the world, until that one very special family finds her and brings her home, forever.

Here's a close up of the whole collage.  I'm missing a few kiddies though, so I'm going to get their photo's printed out and hung up on the wall too.  There are three kids that are not listed on RR, two are listed on Little Flower Projects and one is on another is listed on a site I can't share, but I will tell you that she's special to me too and I will always keep her in prayer. :)  Lina, Doug, Galina, Summer, Mark, Henry, and Rose are all listed on Reece's Rainbow. :)  

And even on my desktop background, there is my sweet Lina girl! Just waiting for a forever family to come to her rescue!  <3 

This collage is a good idea to help remind you of the child you are a warrior.  Thanks for reading and feel free to share!  :) 

Now I'm off to go grab some lunch and read my devotions!  By the way, hope you like the new blog look! It's refreshing to me. 
- Kaitlyn S.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunshine Baby Sunny-girl

I've fallen again.  Completely in love with another precious sunshine baby orphan.  Yes, I am crazy, but I think everyone knows that by now. Lol.  God's given me a desire to help His children and that just what I do.   

This little one's name is Sunny!  She has Down syndrome and is a DOLL BABY!!  One thing that draws me so close to this baby is that she reminds me SO much of my baby sister, Olivia.  I can't imagine my little sister being an orphan. Never feeling love ever.  Or kisses.  Or hugs.  NONE of that.  It blows my mind.   And I really feel a connection with this girl!  God put her on my heart so she will now be a baby I blog and pray about. <3 <3 <3  She's special!  

Sunny :) 


August 2011
Down syndrome; Heart murmur, hydrothorax, umbilical hernia, hemogioma on the nose

Sweet Sunny had a domestic family pursuing her adoption, but it wasn’t completed.  She’s relisted, and looking for her forever family!

From one of our adoptive families who met her in October 2012:  Saw “Sunny” today and she is just a peach!   Beautiful sweet girl and the nannies seem to love her.
When I first met Sunny in June of 2012 I was picking cherries with my kids and spotted a little girl in an outside crib with her back to me. Thought nothing of it and kept picked cherries. Then I herd a little voice say “Mama” clear as day and turned in that direction to find it to be that same little girl, Sunny. This time she was facing me. She had literally turned herself around and did a belly crawl across the crib facing me calling out “Mama”. I got the pleasure of seeing her here again in October of 2012. She is precious as ever. I just met her after a nap in her little roller chair with her adorable pouty face. Her and I pointed and counted fingers together. She is such a precious little girl and so very smart and is loved by the nannies at her school and I firmly believe she will flourish in a family having a mama and papa to call her own.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Very First

I had just discovered, by my mother who was asking for prayers for a family that was preparing to adopt through their organization. . My mom always had a prayer request time after our devotions.  At the time I remember sitting in our sofa nearly in tears because of my small defect in my heart that I had earlier that month discovered I would need surgery for. I was having one of my "spells" (It was SVT, my heart would speed up and race and random times and the just drop back to normal after an hour or so) After I felt better, I got online and went onto the Reece's Rainbow website to see for myself the children my mom was telling me about.   I wanted to help a child.  But then I thought that one word.  How.  How could I help an orphan that is overseas in an orphanage?  I was just a girl new to the teenage world.  Then I stumbled onto a blog, and now a good friend of mine, Bree's blog.  She was raising awareness for a little girl by blogging and sharing about her. It was like God put the answer right in front of me.  I decided that would be the best idea!  Though I lacked in my knowledge of vocabulary and spelling.  I still went with it and hoped for the best and tried really hard to improve in my weak areas of writing. (I'm still not the greatest, as you can see in my posts.)  
Later I went on Reece's Rainbow again, after creating "Saving a Little Life with the Love of Jesus Christ" blog and looked for a special child that would speak to my heart and I would have a special connection with.  

It wasn't long at all before I found a stunning little angel with a gorgeous grin that could light up the world.  Her smile was the very first thing that drew me to her. Her name was Sonya  She was so different, and just outstanding all together.  And then I took time to read her information, I then discovered she had Down syndrome.  I'd actually never really heard about Down syndrome until my mother had explained it to me earlier that day.  Then she seemed extra special to me!  I kept reading and found out she had heart issues. I can't remember exactly what, but I think I remember it say that she needed to find a family so she could have the surgery she needed to help her. At that moment I knew that was the child I was going to help save.  

I remember just pondering on the thought.  How could she not have a family to love and protect her?  Give her the things that she needs so desperately.  Make her feel like a princess like most little girls around her age.  Or even knowing that feeling that someone loves you so much.

And so I began blogging on this precious girl, making her the center of my mission.  I didn't officially become her Prayer Warrior or Orphan Warrior, I don't believe.  I think she had about 3 others helping her as well that I learned about later on in the process of advocating her.

I blogged and prayed my heart for Sonya for about 5 months before finding out that she had found her forever family.  

I got in contact with her soon-to-be forever mommy and daddy, Amy & John Hinz.     I was so happy to talk to them and be a part of their journey to bringing her home with her soon-to-be brother, Dusty whom they were also adopting.

Today Sonya is living her happily ever after as an orphan no more with the entire Hinz family!  She celebrates her second birthday with her family, she turns 7 years old!!!  I can't believe it! 

I couldn't have chosen I better family for her! She is extremely happy where she is from what I can see. She truly is a down right perfect baby! :)

I am so thankful the God put Sonya in my life, she made me a better person, and made me closer to God.  She's a blessing to me.

I hope you have a fabulous 7th Birthday with your forever family Sonya!  I love you dearly and hope to meet you face to face one day and hold you in me arms. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lina's Giveaway Fund

Last night I discovered some heartbreaking news about my Lina.  She was transferred from the hospital that was treating her to the terrible orphanage.  Where she DOES NOT GET THE CARE SHE NEEDS.   I found out she weighs only 8 POUNDS and 8 OUNCES! And she's 17 months old!  She's looks sicker and thinner than ever!  She's pathetic!  The orphanage is so awful!  They feed her only the minimum to let her survive.   If she doesn't find a family soon she won't live.   

It's time for every prayer warrior to get on their knees and pray for this girl who's near death!  She doesn't have a voice to use to cry for help, we do!  WE ARE LINA'S VOICE. We're her only chance. 

I've created a new facebook page for her.  CLICK HERE to go "like" and visit her page with lot's of information and updates.  It's my mission to find her a family, I need everyone's help and prayers!  She needs us! I committed to this and I will keep my promise to help her until she's in the arms of her forever family!  

READ THIS: I have put up a red "CHIPIN" box on the right side bar at the very top.  I am raising money to buy a big ticket item to hold a giveaway for Lina.  I am sixteen and jobless so I need everyone's help to make this possible.  If everyone could donate just $5 each we could get enough to afford and Ipod touch, laptop or ipad!  

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this! 

Please donate if you can, if only a dollar.  It will make a differences.  I can't tell you I have something you'll win in return but you will be helping save Lina's life.  That's a glorious prize I would give anything for. <3 <3 <3 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Give Lina a Chance

Post from via Rainbow of Hope - 4Girls4Christ

Reece's Rainbow is doing something a little more different this year with their "Angel Tree".   They're giving three of the children in different categories of "Other Angels" and "HIV+"

That means the little precious girl I (Kaitlyn) talk about all the time will finally have a shot at getting on the Angel Tree this year! 

Her voting is going on from now till the 30th.   That's barely four days!

Could you please give "my" itty  bitty Lina a chance?  Will you please please vote for her? 

She needs us.  She could really use this chance.  

Here's how you vote!  
Click the link right here ---->
When you're there, go find the picture of Lina that is like the one here at the bottom in the post.  Look above the photo and hit "VOTE" 

And then, just like that, you've made a BIG difference in this little angels life. <3  And you've given her a real chance. 
Little Lina baby.  She's an orphan with many disabilities.  Her mama left her in the hospital when she was born a premature baby.  VOTE FOR HER, please! <3

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dear Lina

My dearest little Lina, you've been on my mind so much lately.  Along with Doug, Henry, Tabitha, Mark, Sadie, Colleen, Summer, Rose, Kinsey & Galina.   Everywhere I go and everything I do, I'm reminded of you and the others.  I'm living life as "normal" as a girl junior high-school,  home-schooled teenager, oldest of a big family can.  While all of you just sit in the orphanage just longing to have what SO MANY people (including myself) take for granted.  I hear I love you at least once a day by my family and friends, but you've never even heard it once from someone whose really meant it!  And you're just a sweet innocent little baby girl!   You've never done anything thing wrong to deserve what you've been given to live with.  Which is basically nothing at all.   Like I'm constantly telling myself and others, I know God has a plan for you and you're no mistake!  You are a true God given blessing!   He made you for a very special purpose.  I know so.  I believe that one day God will lead a family to you.  They'll not only want you but they'll need you.  You'll change lives Lina!  I know this because in just the short time I've "known" you, You've changed mine.  You've made me a better person.  Each one of you precious little orphans that I feel God has led me to.  You make me smile.  Every single time I look at that gorgeous face God made you.  You're a beautiful darling!  I have your picture in a frame that says "LOVE" on it.  I see it every day.  It reminds me to pray for you constantly.  And every time I think my life's "bad" I think of yours and kick myself for even being complaining and being so selfish.   My mom has even fallen in love with you too, we both are praying hard for you "my" little girl.

I know you can't read this letter right now, Lina but I know that maybe one day you're future mommy and/or daddy will be able to read all my letters to you.  And you can see that someone loved you when you thought no one did.    I always have and always will my sweet girl.    Stay strong and keep your head held high.  God loves you and so do I.

Your Prayer Warrior for Life,


Yes...I cried writing this.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bittersweet to See, Tabitha Growing So Fast...

This is a bittersweet post to write.  It's about my dear sweet Tabitha.   I've gotten brand new pictures of her! I'm so excited to see them & have more of her, but then again I'm not that happy at all to write that she's still waiting.  This still isn't a "Tabitha's on the MFFM page!"
This means she's still waiting cold & alone in the orphanage.    She'll be three next May.  And my goal is to make sure she ISN'T still listed on RR!  She has to be on the MFFM page. New commitments,   or in a wonderful blissful home with her forever family.

I've watched this little angel girl from baby to toddler, wondering why she hasn't been rescued from the awful orphanage.   I pray so hard for her.  I know God has a plan and reason for everything but I sure wish His plan would be Tabitha getting adopted SOON!!  She's too beautiful to be wasting away..

Take a look at her past and current pictures

I've seen her as a tiny little baby..

A little infant..

Getting older...

Learning how to crawl..

Sitting up by herself!!!

And here are her most recent pictures!  All grown up, toddler Tabi! <3 

She's so precious!!  Her eyes are like sparking diamond and her smile is PRICELESS! <3 <3 <3
She's just longing for a forever family.  She's too pretty for words!!  She needs a FOREVER FAMILY!!!!!!  

Can you do me a favor and pray hard that "my" little girl, Tabi, will find her forever family before she turns three years old.  I know there is someone out there who not only wants her but needs her.   If everyone could just please put her in your prayers I think we'll see Tabitha finally with her forever family.  God doesn't FAIL.  He does EVERYTHING but fail!  Tabitha isn't a mistake.  She's a miracle, a blessing from God himself.  He made her for a special purpose.  She does matter.  And I don't just think that.  I know that.  

Tabitha currently has $1,908.60 in her grant on Reece's Rainbow.  That's not a bad number at all.  I'd help anyone and do anything to help raise money to bring her home to her family.  (Whoever "they" are.)   If you're able please considering donating a couple dollars to her grant.  Just CLICK HERE to go to her profile on RR. 

God bless you